Job&Talent launches Global Graduate Program to cultivate emerging talent


Madrid, 05 March 2024 - Job&Talent, a world-leading marketplace for essential work,  announces the launch of its Global Graduate Program, a strategic initiative designed to identify and nurture high-potential junior profiles across key departments. In response to evolving workforce needs and a proactive approach to talent management, this program aims to overinvest strategically in the development of high-potential graduates.

The Global Graduate Program offers participants a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive insights and skills across strategic areas of Job&Talent, including business development, product, operations, organization, brand, finance and strategy. By fostering a holistic understanding of the organization, participants are not only expected to contribute significantly during their assignments, but also emerge as well-rounded professionals ready to meet the dynamic challenges of a global business environment.

Just like the program slogan ‘Change the game’ entails, investing in top-performing graduates with a great cultural fit is deemed crucial for effective succession planning and securing the future success of Job&Talent. The program anticipates creating a pipeline of talent that aligns seamlessly with the organizational needs, ensuring a robust foundation for continued success.

Felipe Navío, Co-founder and co-CEO of Job&Talent: "With the launch of the Global Graduate Program we're advancing Job&Talent's commitment to identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals. Our success with similar profiles validates the program's effectiveness in preparing talent for the multifaceted demands of the business environment. This initiative empowers emerging talent, fostering growth not only for participants but for the entire Job&Talent community."

Program Structure, Eligibility, and Success Path

The Global Graduate Program will be open for applications until April 15, 2024 and is designed as a structured 1-year initiative, divided into three terms, each offering a unique and comprehensive experience. During the Internship phase (2 x 3 months) candidates work on two different teams, conducting distinct 3-month projects. Transitioning into the Analyst phase (1 x 6 months) participants take on more extensive projects and increased involvement in day-to-day operations. At the conclusion of the Global Graduate Program, candidates are permanently assigned to a team based on their preferences and the prevailing business needs. This sequential structure ensures a well-rounded experience, combining project diversity and skill development for future success.

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Job&Talent is a world-leading marketplace for essential work, matching great people with great companies directly through its platform. Founded in 2009, Job&Talent is reshaping temporary work by tearing down the barriers to job searching and hiring through the power of technology. From easier and faster ways of getting hired, to providing stability and benefits, Job&Talent helps workers feel valued and respected in their roles, while supporting clients with efficient and flexible workforce management solutions. By putting simplicity and fairness at the core of its business model, Job&Talent placed more than 340,000 workers in over 2,500 companies in 2022 across a variety of industries including logistics and retail. Headquartered in Madrid, Job&Talent operates in 10 countries across Europe, the U.S. and Latin America and has raised approximately 850 million USD from investors such as Atomico, Kinnevik, and Softbank. For more information, please visit

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