Job&Talent launches next-generation product in the US, offering companies an unrivaled workforce management platform


Atlanta/Madrid, 29th April 2024 – Job&Talent, a world-leading marketplace for essential work, announces the official launch of its new product - Job&Talent Business - in the US. This new product suite encompasses a number of differential features for clients. By leveraging this new technology platform, clients will have higher control of workforce performance and experience an improved reliability and quality of the temporary workforce. The US is the second market where Job&Talent is launching its revamped product suite, after its launch and success in Spain - where the new platform has shown significant improvement in workforce reliability and quality for clients, leading to a strong impact on clients’ productivity and operational success. It’s at the core of Job&Talent’s mission to drive innovation in an industry long stagnant. The US market shows immense potential and is one of the main growth drivers within Job&Talent. In 2023, over 100,000 workers were placed with 200 national and global clients across 35 states in the US.

Key functionality in “Job&Talent Business”

Job&Talent Business focuses on enhancing the reliability and quality of the workforce for clients, aiming to eliminate the frustrations and under-delivery that exists in the industry. This new product suite incorporates functionality that will completely redefine temp labor workforce management for clients.

Shift confirmation visibility:

Through our J&T worker app, every associate working with Job&Talent globally will be confirming their attendance to a shift in advance. This visibility will be exposed in real-time to clients through the Job&Talent Business product, allowing them to know how many of their expected associates will show up to an upcoming shift, and be able to make operational and roster decisions promptly to deliver their operational metrics successfully. This visibility will empower clients to manage their own business better.

Real-time geo-located attendance visibility:

Through the J&T Business App, clients will have visibility on on-time attendance for all associates, with geo-location. This real-time data visibility will allow clients to manage the operations and workforce more effectively, and make better decisions in real-time. Additionally, associates will be rewarded based on daily reliability excellence, which will drive an overall improved on-time attendance for our clients. Finally, our J&T worker app will offer proactive notifications and communication with associates, reducing the risk of tardiness and improving reliability - for instance, associates will get a notification 30 minutes before their shift starts if they’re far away from the site.

Associates ratings on performance and productivity:

Lastly, Job&Talent Business enables effortless worker rating, empowering clients to recognize and incentivize top-performing talent while offering constructive feedback to those who may need improvement. These ratings are displayed to associates daily and empower them to excel. Additionally, companies will be able to access a curated pool of highly-rated talent near them, with complete information on their skill sets, past reliability and quality ratings, ensuring streamlined rehiring processes of a higher quality and reliable workforce.

Ultimately, given this innovative technology product, Job&Talent will be able to bring clients a higher-performing workforce, which will enable clients to achieve operational success without the frustrations of managing a temporary workforce.

Diego de Haro Ruiz, US CEO at Job&Talent: “Job&Talent remains committed to delivering innovative solutions in the temporary workforce space, with the focus of driving a differential value proposition for clients and workers. Our technology solutions will create a high-touch, high-tech model, that will drive the best of technology and people-driven relationships for our clients and workers. The successful launch of Job&Talent Business in the US reaffirms our dedication to driving innovation and excellence in the space, and creating a new way for clients to receive value.”


Job&Talent is a world-leading marketplace for essential work, matching great people with great companies directly through its platform. Founded in 2009, Job&Talent is reshaping temporary work by tearing down the barriers to job searching and hiring through the power of technology. From easier and faster ways of getting hired, to providing stability and benefits, Job&Talent helps workers feel valued and respected in their roles, while supporting clients with efficient and flexible workforce management solutions. By putting simplicity and fairness at the core of its business model, Job&Talent placed around 320,000 workers in over 3,800 companies in 2023 across a variety of industries including logistics and retail. Headquartered in Madrid, Job&Talent operates in 10 countries across Europe, the U.S. and Latin America and has raised around 850 million USD from investors such as Atomico, Kinnevik, and Softbank. For more information, please visit

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