The tech-driven transformation: Revolutionizing workforce management


During my nearly decade-long tenure in the work sector, I have encountered a multitude of changes and challenges that have confronted the industry, including talent shortages, the surge in flexibility, economic uncertainty, and the implementation of new regulations. However, the most significant and game-changing shift has been ushered in by technology, fundamentally revolutionizing how companies seek and manage their workforce. 

Over the past two to three years, we have observed all of these trends intensifying and converging, culminating in what I firmly believe to be the most substantial transformation and opportunity for businesses. As Chief Revenue Officer of Job&Talent, a world-leading marketplace for essential work, I have the privilege to be in touch with business leaders on a daily basis and understand their needs and struggles. Across three continents where Job&Talent is active, companies all face the same challenges: 

  1. Their need for a flexible workforce is becoming more and more unpredictable; 

  2. In traditional staffing, most processes are manual and therefore not scalable; 

  3. Temporary positions are often hard to fill and worker satisfaction scores are low.

At Job&Talent, we’re not perfect but we’re confident that we do many things right - the data speaks for itself: our client satisfaction score currently stands at an impressive 51 NPS (Net Promoter Score), surpassing the industry benchmark of 30. Similarly, our worker NPS reaches a remarkable 60, far surpassing the industry average of 20. These numbers are a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service to both our clients and workers.

Today, I’m excited to share more insights into how we got here, as I genuinely believe that if temporary work is approached with a fresh perspective, both people and companies will thrive.

What companies look for: flexibility and quality

The pandemic as well as political and macroeconomic developments have turned industries upside down. For many companies, it was normal that there were highs and lows in their demand for workforce - just think of a logistics company that will be incredibly busy during holiday season. However, anticipating demand fluctuations has become increasingly challenging as factors like shifting consumer behavior, economic uncertainties, and evolving capital markets contribute to the unpredictability. Consequently, the prominence of temporary work has surged, prompting companies to seek specialized partners like Job&Talent to effectively source and engage temporary workers so that they can continue to focus on their core business. 

When it comes to filling positions with temporary workers, companies often grapple with two persistent challenges: finding suitable workers and ensuring their qualifications align with the job requirements. Both issues can lead to dissatisfaction on both sides of the equation. In my opinion, there’s only one solution to this challenge: technology. Let's explore three examples of how we harness the power of technology at Job&Talent to effectively meet these new demands.

  1. Making flexible work scalable - Traditional staffing is a very cumbersome process, with recruiters manually reaching out to candidates to find suitable individuals for each job placement. However, at Job&Talent, we are at the forefront of a tech-driven revolution in the industry and recently announced the launch of a new app for businesses. This innovative tool empowers clients with unprecedented control and visibility over their workforce, providing real-time access to attendance data, shift organization, and performance metrics. Seamlessly integrated with Job&Talent's workers app, it simplifies workforce management, enhances engagement, and facilitates seamless communication with temporary staff. We believe that by leveraging technology, we can make the process of finding and managing temporary workers for companies more scalable, making it much easier to meet their unpredictable demands.

  2. Improving the quality of matches through AI - Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we are able to connect companies with the most suitable candidates. We firmly believe that the key to successful placements lies in finding the right match, as opposed to labeling workers as "good" or "bad." Through our technology-driven approach, we eliminate the possibility of mismatches, continually improving our algorithm with every successful placement.

  3. More than filled positions: impact on operational KPIs - Once workers are onboarded, many staffing companies tend to disengage from daily operations and shift their focus to filling the next vacant positions. However, at Job&Talent, we take a different approach by providing ongoing support in seamless workforce management and reporting. Our goal is to optimize operations and enhance productivity for organizations. Our dedicated teams on the ground are equipped with robust analytics and reporting tools, delivering valuable insights into KPIs that are important to each business, such as pick or pack rates. Through close collaboration with the organizations, our Account and On-site Managers actively work towards improving these KPIs and assist in making informed decisions.

The rapidly evolving landscape of work demands that organizations adapt and embrace transformative approaches to workforce management. At Job&Talent, we combine cutting-edge technology with a human-centered approach to empower businesses in finding the right talent, optimizing operations, and achieving long-term success. By leveraging AI-powered matching algorithms, providing robust analytics and reporting tools, and fostering strong human connections, we are revolutionizing the way companies navigate the dynamic work landscape. It is our unwavering commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results that sets us apart as a trusted partner in the ever-changing world of work.

- Giuseppe Mozillo, Chief Revenue Officer of Job&Talent

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