90% of Spanish business, operations and HR experts affirm technology's key role in workforce management


Madrid, May 28th, 2024 ā€“ Job&Talent, a world-leading marketplace for essential work, conducted in April 2024 a survey of nearly 100 Spanish business leaders operating with temporary workers to get a better grasp of the future of workforce management. The survey results reveal the adoption of advanced technology is crucial for overcoming both current and future challenges in workforce management.

The study demonstrates that 90% of respondents consider technology to be essential in the day-to-day management of personnel, and that its introduction into operations resulted in increased operational efficiency and growth. Key benefits identified include speeding up recruitment processes (71%), digitizing documentation (65%) and improving planning (54%).

As companies look to temporary work to improve flexibility and results, their spokespeople have identified the most significant challenges they face as the unpredictability of peak demand (64%), difficulties in meeting compliance rate requirements (59%) and finding the right talent (44%).Ā 

These challenges have a direct impact on the day-to-day operations of companies that manage temporary labor. 60% of interviewees believe that strong worker performance will be increasingly difficult to guarantee in the future. 59% are concerned about how they can meaningfully engage workers and ensure that the best talent remains with the company. 55% are concerned about the prevailing high rates of absenteeism.

The crucial role of technology in improving workforce management

In this regard, technology emerges as the key solution to mitigate these challenges. The survey reveals that companies leveraging scheduling tools experience a marked reduction in absences and absenteeism from day one, as they enable employers to quickly address absences and ensure minimal disruption to operations. Similarly, organizations using performance management tools report significant improvement in candidate suitability, underscoring the effectiveness of technology in mitigating operational challenges.

Likewise, the application of technology and the use of AI can prove allies in speeding hiring processes during peak demand, facilitating accurate planning of staffing needs. Its use is also essential to improve the operational efficiency of companies, automating tasks and workflows and enabling companies to achieve more with fewer resources.


Job&Talent is a world-leading marketplace for essential work, matching great people with great companies directly through its platform. Founded in 2009, Job&Talent is reshaping temporary work by tearing down the barriers to job searching and hiring through the power of technology. From easier and faster ways of getting hired, to providing stability and benefits, Job&Talent helps workers feel valued and respected in their roles, while supporting clients with efficient and flexible workforce management solutions. By putting simplicity and fairness at the core of its business model, Job&Talent placed around 320,000 workers in over 3,800 companies in 2023 across a variety of industries including logistics and retail. Headquartered in Madrid, Job&Talent operates in 10 countries across Europe, the U.S. and Latin America and has raised approximately 850 million USD from investors such as Atomico, Kinnevik, and Softbank. For more information, please visit www.jobandtalent.co.uk.

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