Job&Talent US achieved 22% YoY growth in 2023, generating USD 450 million in revenue


Atlanta, 21 March 2024 - Job&Talent, a world-leading marketplace for essential work, achieved solid growth in the US market in 2023, with the country revenue reaching USD 450 million (+22% year-on-year). This significant milestone comes only two years after Job&Talent’s market entry in the US, making it the largest and fastest growing market in terms of revenue, as well as the most profitable market for the company, with significantly above-industry profitability margins.

Amidst the ongoing US economic deceleration and supply chain crisis, Job&Talent has continued to support its clients with differential workforce solutions. Job&Talent specializes in serving clients with large staffing needs, seamlessly providing hundreds and thousands of workers in a single facility to ensure core operations run smoothly. In 2023, the company’s US operation placed over 100,000 workers, and served more than 200 national and global clients across 35 states, in multiple light industrial verticals such as logistics, manufacturing, retail, food processing, and warehousing. Job&Talent’s strong client base is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver a differential value proposition to its clients, driving an improved reliability and quality of the workforce, setting it apart from competition and contributing to the rapid growth in the US market.

Diego de Haro Ruiz, US CEO at Job&Talent said: "While the industry showed an overall significant decline in 2023, Job&Talent stood strong and managed to significantly accelerate its growth journey in the US. This result demonstrates the strength of our team, the quality of our product and service offering, and the unparalleled value we provide to our clients. We are excited to step into 2024 with a brand new product suite that will completely redefine the way companies engage with their flexible workforce, further accelerating our revenue growth."

Following the initiative of integrating all its US subsidiaries under the Job&Talent brand in Q4 2023, the company has now set the stage for the full rollout of its revamped product suite in the US this year, in order to further expand its market share in the US. Job&Talent has been proving that its innovative technology platform will transform the day-to-day interactions between businesses and workers, driving differential improvements in reliability and quality, and further boosting client satisfaction levels - which are already significantly above industry standards, with a client NPS score of 71 (industry average: 36) and a worker NPS score of 60 (industry average: 30) in the US at the end of 2023 (source).

ABOUT JOB&TALENT Job&Talent is a world-leading marketplace for essential work, matching great people with great companies directly through its platform. Founded in 2009, Job&Talent is reshaping temporary work by tearing down the barriers to job searching and hiring through the power of technology. From easier and faster ways of getting hired, to providing stability and benefits, Job&Talent helps workers feel valued and respected in their roles, while supporting clients with efficient and flexible workforce management solutions. By putting simplicity and fairness at the core of its business model, Job&Talent placed more than 340,000 workers in over 2,500 companies in 2022 across a variety of industries including logistics and retail. Headquartered in Madrid, Job&Talent operates in 10 countries across Europe, the U.S. and Latin America and has raised approximately 850 million USD from investors such as Atomico, Kinnevik, and Softbank. For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: All financials stated in this press release are unaudited preliminary figures based on management accounts.

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