Real-time data, real convenience

The Job&Talent Business app gives you live and accurate attendance data. With real-time data in the palm of your hand, you can react quickly to maximize productivity and reduce costs in every shift.

Live, accurate and reliable data


Live data means you can increase your attendance reliability. Our attendance feature gathers data as it happens and so you can quickly reduce absenteeism.

Highly engaged and reliable workers


With our gamified attendance features, workers are more engaged and more reliable. Gamification celebrates workers when they meet company expectations, and nudge others to improve.

Your questions answered

  • Job&Talent Business attendance is suitable for any small, medium or large company needing reliable, productive temporary workforces.

    Our workforce management platform suits companies across industry, from warehousing to logistics, retail to aeronautical and more.

  • It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses, seamlessly integrating recruitment and workforce management. As a platform, it facilitates an efficient hiring process, offering features such as job posting, candidate matching, and streamlined onboarding.

    The platform also offers shift management, ensuring a cohesive and compliant workforce management experience. Our integrated tech products include a shift manager app, admin platform and worker app. They are constantly synching so everyone is on the same page.

  • You can configure the shift right up to and including when the shift starts. Manage the shift date, times and people who are working. Everyone involved in a shift is notified when something changes, so everyone stays up to date.

  • Shift managers set up shifts and assign work with a few clicks in the Job&Talent Business app. Workers then get notified in the worker app that they’re working. When they accept the shift, the shift manager gets the response straight away. This means you’re assured your demand is fulfilled.

    Similarly, if anyone declines the shift, the shift manager gets notified immediately and can reassign the shift to someone else.

  • Every person involved in workforce management can have access to the Job&Talent Business app.

    From planners to shift managers, operations, human resources and others, they can access workforce data for a given workplace. You can also customise data people see.

    Simply let us know who should have access and we’ll set up their accounts.

  • The app is designed to pick up and use with no training.

    Your Job&Talent account team, however, are on standby to provide training, product demos, tutorials and more. Our dedicated product wiki has user guides and videos, with easy ways to report and resolve any questions you have.

  • Like the Job&Talent Business app, no training is required.

    We have, however, dedicated support for workers and multiple ways they can get our help. They can contact the customer support team directly through the app. They answer questions about the app, payslips, contracts and more. We also have WhatsApp and a knowledge base, and onsite Job&Talent managers in some workplaces.

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