“Without Job&Talent, our workforce costs would be very high. We don't have that expertise.”

Jaime Arnaiz
Director of One Motion

With over 5 years of industry expertise, One Motion is a trusted logistics solutions company, catering to market leaders across Europe and the UK. Since December 2017, Job&Talent has been One Motion’s partner for their flexible workforce, currently providing more than 100 workers, both drivers and warehouse personnel, to the company. In a conversation with Jaime Arnaiz, Director of One Motion, we talked about what makes this partnership successful. 

Jaime, how do you define business success at One Motion?

At One Motion, our services include all things logistics such as wholesale fulfillment, last mile delivery and convoy security. Success in our business is defined by meeting personnel objectives to effectively serve the routes assigned by our clients and ensuring compliance with regulations regarding working hours. Not having enough staff or an inefficient workforce can hinder our ability to deliver the necessary metrics, impacting our competitiveness and potentially requiring us to hire more people than we actually need to compensate for inefficiency. 

How does temporary work help you achieve that? 

Temporary work is a vital component of our daily operations as it allows us to manage our workforce with agility, particularly during pronounced work peaks. Without the temporary workers from Job&Talent, we would face the challenge of recruiting and managing additional staff ourselves, which would be operationally poor as it’s not our key expertise. It would also be less economically efficient, given we sometimes need to double our headcount within a short timeframe for which our existing in-house recruiting team doesn’t have capacities. Job&Talent has brought significant benefits to our operations, primarily in terms of agility and efficiency during peak periods.

How do you experience the day-to-day relationship with Job&Talent?

Communication with Job&Talent and our internal team has generally been good. We feel supported and listened to, and any issues that arise are promptly addressed, leading to good solutions. From the very beginning of our operations, Job&Talent has been our partner of choice, and their support and guidance have been invaluable, particularly in adapting to new labor reforms based on the advice of their legal team. 

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