“We appreciate that Job&Talent prioritizes the work environment and safety of our event staff.”

Evelina Carlsson
Staffing Manager at Stockholm Live

More than 500 Job&Talent workers currently work with Stockholm Live, the operator of some of the biggest event venues in the Nordics. For many years, Job&Talent has been providing Stockholm Live with a flexible workforce to cover jobs that are vital for their event operations, from traffic hosts and fire guards to team leaders and team lead assistants on-site. Evelina Carlsson, Staffing Manager at Stockholm Live, shared some insights into their collaboration with the Job&Talent team on the ground and how this partnership has positively impacted their business KPIs.

Evelina, why did you start working with Job&Talent?

We partner with Job&Talent for our staffing needs because they provide us with exactly what we need at a competitive price. They also see the value of being a partner to Stockholm Live and share our vision for growth. What makes Job&Talent stand out from the crowd is their willingness to cooperate and their desire to develop alongside us. 

What do you appreciate most about the collaboration with Job&Talent?

The open communication we have between the parties is highly valued. If any problems arise, we solve them together. We also appreciate that Job&Talent  prioritizes the work environment and safety of our event staff.

How has your experience been working with Job&Talent employees, such as Account Managers and Onsite Managers?

The collaboration has been excellent due to our close and continuous communication. We follow up on completed events together and flag upcoming challenging event days. It's really a collaborative effort.

Which of your business KPIs has Job&Talent helped you achieve? 

Our main focus is ensuring visitor satisfaction, both in areas for the general public and premium areas. Job&Talent’s support in providing a flexible and competent workforce has positively impacted visitor satisfaction across both of these sections.

Can you share a success story you experienced while working with Job&Talent?

In November 2022, we faced the challenge of organizing events in all five of our arenas simultaneously. With Job&Talent's help, we managed to handle the incredible workload and complex staffing requirements without the need for external subcontractors.

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