"Every day, they achieve. They're receptive to change with short notice, no excuses."

Stuart Nunn
Operations Manager at UPS

Job&Talent is a trusted partner of UPS Mail Innovations, a prominent player in the US mailing services domain. 900 workers of Job&Talent currently support the operations of the logistics company, taking over assignments including mail processing, mail sorting, and quality control. Stuart Nunn, Operations Manager at UPS Mail Innovations, has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with our team, and a distinct element that truly resonates with him is the foundation of our relationship: transparent and effective communication. Dive in to discover more!

What makes Job&Talent stand out as a flexible workforce solution partner for UPS Mail Innovations?

Job&Talent’s exceptional communication processes set them apart. Their prompt responsiveness and willingness to adapt resonates with us. 

Could you share your most valued aspect of collaborating with Job&Talent?

The profound value of our collaboration lies in the transparent and receptive communication. Job&Talent not only listens to feedback but actively integrates it into their approach. Furthermore, they seamlessly align with UPS’s performance objectives, displaying proactive planning and unwavering execution.

How would you describe your day-to-day interactions with the Job&Talent team?

Our dedicated points of contact are consistently available, and we benefit from an exceptional on-site team that collaborates directly with our team. Communication channels are always open, and their commitment knows no bounds.

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  • United States

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